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Thank you all who came to celebrate Kunio's (dad's) life in person and on zoom. It was very special and great to see you all. #feelthelove

In a short time, I have been able to achieve excellence in all areas of development.

I'm humble yet proud of my success as an artist, illustrator, creator, husband, father, harley rider, cheeseburger eater, and a rad supporter of all my kids and my muffin (dog) lol. Made ya look.

pieces finished95%
awards given63%
naps throughout the day90%
amount of time spent thinking about good food93%

I'm Kunio and

Hey! My name is Kunio Hagio. I was a Commercial Artist who made it big in the 80’s with clients like United Artists, Playboy and Penthouse to name a few. Illustrative techniques that include oil, airbrush and pencil combo.

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  • svgSedona, AZ., USA
  • svgEating food with my dog. Joking around.
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Creative Works

click on image to open album   |   all images are rights reserved by kuniohagio.com 
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    Order prints

    We have hi-res image files to sell. Printer ready. Most copyrights are up, so we own. Email Allison at hagioart@gmail.com. All proceeds go to Kunio Hagio and his dog Muffin.

Team Members

Paulette & Kun

Founders. Partners in crime. Worked together, lived together, raised 5 kids together and succeeded in all 3. True love. Fuck cancer.


Creative director of branding and photography. The oldest, smartest, and the chillest. Always up for a laugh.


Web designer, social leader, the organizer, uber creative, loves her dad. Likes to get into everyone's business.

Slick Rick

Team supporter and fitness coach. Patience of a saint, inventory manager and all around nice guy.

Tina bean

Manager of operations, organizer (unless it's her room) night owl, loves Glenn Beck.


Operating out of our Gilbert location, sweet as can be (unless you cross her, dog lover.

“I sleep a lot tryin' to keep the dream alive”

"If you can't find happiness in your own backyard, you're never gonna find it"

"If you can't fly, don't fuck with the falcon"

Kunio Hagio

My daughter Allison Hagio is also an artist in Chicago

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